Our Designers

AWARD-WINNING DESIGNERS FOR COORDINATED DESIGNS Jaquar products are conceived by internationally-acclaimed designers and made to lead the evolution of bathrooms from functional rooms to inspiring spaces. Jaquar’s approach to design, drawing from classical, modern, contemporary and fusion styles, has resulted in many recognitions, including the prestigious Red Dot and IF Design Awards, among others, which illustrate the global appeal of our portfolio.

  • Claudia Danelon

    CLAUDIA DANELON "Tailwater takes inspiration from the natural world, embodied in a beautifully engineered piece of industrial design"

  • Federico Meroni

    FEDERICO MERONI "Arc takes inspiration from the classic Roman Arc which naturally was a point of reference at the beginning of our creative process"

  • Lisa Bosi

    LISA BOSI "Alive is the meeting point of two different geometries. A rectangular bathtub with smooth edges that make it softer"

  • Michael Foley

    MICHAEL FOLEY "Tiaara is a perfect balance of handcrafted and machine made processes. Its segmented assemblies allow for ease of manufacture and access to refined hand polishing of every surface."

  • Parichay Mehra

    PARICHAY MEHRA "Linea is the epitome of minimalism - a biomorphic design that delivers a Zen-like waterfall flow into your palms; a perfectly serene stream from the half-cut-bamboo style tap."

  • Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

    MATTEO THUN & ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ Laguna collection is characterized by simplified shapes, warm colours and excellent material provides a wide range of combinations and is a result of an intense dialogue between Jaquar and the designers, blending a minimal design with direct functionality.